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We have been note buyers, mortgage note buyers, buyers of contracts for deeds, deeds of trust and other debt instruments for 30 years. We buy the mortgage note, broker the mortgage note…whatever it takes to get the job done.

Note buyers need to be able to see the ins and outs of dealing with privately held nonconforming paper, as in the case of a mortgage note. E.J. Adams mortgage note buyers keep the discounts down by showing your mortgage note in the best light. We are able to do that through due diligence, which is what most note buyers and mortgage note buyers must do in order to function with any degree of accuracy.

A note buyer or mortgage note buyer will:


You need a mortgage note buyer with 30 years experience as a note buyer. E.J. Adams is a mortgage note buyer who knows the business of note buyers and works diligently to sell your mortgage note for the most money possible.

Being a good mortgage note buyer means having the experience to get the job done, when other note buyers cannot. Whether you have a single mortgage note or many, we are note buyers who can make a difference.

We have mortgage note buyers in every state. Also, we have correspondent mortgage note buyers in every region of the country who function as mortgage note buyers for any kind of real estate note.

If you are looking for a mortgage note buyer, who knows the playing field, contact us today.

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