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We have been a mortgage buyer and a mortgage note buyer for over 30 years. Having started as a mortgage note buyer for the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Oklahoma in 1971, E.J. Adams is a mortgage and note buyer you can trust.

Being mortgage and note buyers means:


E.J. Adams is a buyer who knows:


We correspond with other mortgage note buyers throughout the country and we deal with buyers in all 50 states. We function as mortgage note buyers on all kinds of nonconforming paper with nonconforming property and nonconforming debtors, incidentally that is the main reason for buyers getting a discount on a mortgage note, because these mortgage notes do not conform to industry standards.

As long time mortgage and note buyers, we will strive to keep the purchase of your mortgage note, trust deed, or contract for deed at the best price to you, whether a full or partial purchase.

If you need an experienced mortgage note buyer, contact Edward J. Adams or one of his mortgage note buyer associates today.

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